Why We Work

Our Company

Integrated Source One has a unique philosophy that requires two key aspects: The Employee and The Employer. Some may view healthcare as a push and pull, where the cheaper the price, the less available to the employee. The best of both worlds comes into play when you can combine a reduced healthcare cost, and still have all of the resources at your fingertips.


We always start with the health of the employees and their families. With today’s healthcare running more like a business than a treatment, it can be un-motivating for an individual to actually go to the doctor for illness or injury. It requires a lot of time, money, and typically hoops to jump through with obtaining diagnosis and treatment. The philosophy behind Integrated Source One is that of preventive health. Our medical staff uses a Predict, Prevent, Protocol sequence in order to not only alleviate existing conditions, but to prevent them in the future.

We are here to serve your workforce and their dependents in a way that promotes long-term wellness. While you can go to multiple specialists to receive this care, why not go to one source? With the plans that we have to offer, your employees can engage one-on-one with our specialists to achieve that wellness. We will be conveniently located right at your workplace! Whether an employee or someone on their plan has illness or injury, they can bring them right to their company's own health clinic. Convenience is all around us from smartphones to search engines, and we don't think healthcare should be any different.

Studies continue to show healthcare premiums increasing, with no sign of slowing down. Recently, companies have started to engage in wellness programs in order to reduce costs and help their employees long-term. At Integrated Source One, we have created a system that not only involves wellness programs, but also treats existing conditions. From evaluating your workspace to creating an on-site clinic, our services can dramatically reduce the dependency on health insurance and their high cost renewal premiums.



Once we have the proper protocol in place for your employees, let's see what this means for the employer. Cost savings are derived from several areas.


Short term, the program cuts out any “middle vendors” and re-packagers of health care services; the narrow channel contracting can achieve significant savings; on-site primary care can be a factor in savings over standard doctor offices; and on-site services reduce loss-of-time costs.


Long term, healthier workers use less health care and rehab functions improve with more control over the admission/discharge process.