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About Integrated Source One

Integrated Source One helps companies large and small provide care to allow employees to be healthy, productive and enjoy their lives to the fullest. We know that health is so much more than just not feeling pain. Healthy employees are paramount for a company’s success.


Integrated Source One is where we can start helping your company achieve and maintain the highest levels of health possible. We have over 55 combined years of experience, providing successful management of your healthcare needs.

The basic premise behind Integrated Source One is that an employer is the ultimate determinant of the health care status of its employees and dependents. You as the employer can address the health care status of its workforce through a combination of benefit design, direct contracting, preventive measures, and a proactive partnership with the employees to promote general wellness. Firms who have elected this approach have demonstrated significant improvement in cost control and in employee satisfaction.

Simply put, with our group of healthcare professionals and administration, we want to turn the tables on rising healthcare costs. By taking a preventive stance across the board, we can make each workplace a happier and more productive environment, while simultaneously saving on healthcare premiums.

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