Holistic & Wellness Program

Holistic & Wellness

In addition to Occupational Health and Primary Care, Integrated Source One offers programs and consistent training to prevent employee injuries. By evaluating the workspace and environment, our medical professionals will devise a program not only to prevent short and long term injuries, but will also educate the staff on safer practices.

Many injuries require regularly scheduled care to effectively heal the patient. With our wellness program on-site, we can address the individuals issues on a regular basis within the confines of the workplace. This will get them back to optimal health quicker, and reduce time spent away from work.








The Three P's

Predict, Prevent, Protocol. These three terms are the backbone of how we approach each workplace and employee. By evaluating, we can Predict what potential issues may come down the road. After putting a specific program in place, we aim to Prevent those potential issues. Lastly, our Protocol is the standard procedures we follow for treating or avoiding deconstructive health.

What Does Ergonomics Mean?

Ergonomic services outline recommendations to assist employees in reducing their risk of cumulative trauma. By identifying possible workplace ergonomic hazards, we can educate the staff on the best ways to improve employee safety.

How Does This Benefit The Company?

Repetitive motions performed can lead to fatigue and injuries, even if they are done correctly! By creating a healthy regiment through stretching, therapy, and wellness practices, we can reduce risk of those factors, and help your company achieve the highest productivity level.

In A Nutshell...

The safer we can make the work environment and practices, the healthier and more efficient the employees will be. Let's start improving your productivity today!

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