Primary Care

Primary Care

Integrated Source One provides health and wellness exams to your employees and their families right from your own workplace. Even if an injury or illness doesn’t happen on the job, their conditions may still have an impact on job performance. We want to get those individuals back to full health, for their happiness, and for the efficiency of your company.

Our program can dramatically reduce your dependency on health insurance and their high cost renewal premiums. Part of the primary care is a Teledoc Service, which is a virtual practitioner at your employees use 24/7 every day of the year. Maybe an employees' child woke up with a sore throat or stuffy nose. Rather than waste time and money sitting in a crowded waiting room, just utilize the Teledoc Service, or bring them to the clinic at the office!










Health Examinations

Annual health exams are an integral part of preventive care. With an on-site clinic, not only can employees engage, but also their spouses and dependents. That means if they need to get in for a regular check-up, they can stay on-site and get it done without leaving for hours. What if their child needs a physical for school or sports? Easy. Just bring them in to your office or have them drop by on lunch time! 

Acute Urgent Care

As the world moves around us so quickly, sometimes we have a hard time keeping up. Some of the treatments we can provide include Rapid Strep Screens, Aerosol Respiratory Treatment, Superficial Laceration Repair, Tetanus Booster, Splinting Closed Fractures, and DME for Soft Tissue Injuries. The list can continue depending on your employee needs!

Teledoc Services

Wouldn't it be nice if your employees could always have a practitioner at their fingertips? The truth is, they can! The Teledoc Service is a revolutionary resource that Integrated Source One is proud to offer within our customizable structure. They will have access to a doctor 24/7 every day of the year!

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