Occupational Health

Occupational Health

The basic premise behind Integrated Source One is that an employer is the ultimate determinant of the health care status of it's employees and dependents. You, as the employer, can address the health care status of your workforce through a combination of benefit design, direct contracting, preventive measures, and a proactive partnership with the employees to promote general wellness. Firms who have elected this approach have demonstrated significant improvement in cost control and in employee satisfaction.

Integrated Source One recognizes that many mid-size and larger companies are looking for ways to control healthcare costs. As a result, both the employer and the employee can benefit. Many employers are choosing to create on-site clinics in the workplace to bring health and wellness services to their employees.









Employment Physicals

It is a standard in every industry to have employees go through medical testing prior to starting with a new company. With our services, they can go straight from HR to the on-site clinic and have their medical screening done right away! In addition, it is always recommended to evaluate the health of your employees on a regular basis. Now, your staff won't even need to leave the office!

Workplace Injuries

Let's face it, accidents happen. If an employee suffers an injury, they could spend days, weeks, even months out of the office. By choosing Integrated Source One, you are choosing to alleviate the pain of that employee quicker, and get them back in the workplace for, or what we call "presenteeism."

Preventive Care and Job Site Evaluation

These two services go hand-in-hand. Yes, everyone can take a preventive stance on health in their personal lives. How valuable can that be if we spend so much of our time in the workplace? Our medical professionals have built this company on preventive health, and are eager to evaluate your workplace, as well as the employees. Having an apple a day is a good start, but with the guidance of our staff your employees will see a difference in long-term wellness at home and in the office.

Why Is This Beneficial For Employers?

You are offering your employees a service that is more convenient, efficient, and less expensive. You will be reducing time spent out of the office for employees and supervisors. There is also a dramatic reduction in workers compensation claim submissions as well as compensation premiums. 

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