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Your One Source For Healthcare


Choose the best healthcare plan for your employees. We offer multiple programs for your staff to engage in! 


Help your employees save time at the doctor's office by visiting your own health clinic on-site!


From the sniffles to pulled muscles, our specialized doctors have you covered! Why not do your therapy on lunch break?


Integrated Source One is your single source solution for your employees' healthcare needs.

We are committed to reducing healthcare costs for you and your employees, providing convenient access to quality care, and improving your employees' health, productivity, and satisfaction.


Primary Care

Our primary care doctors and practitioners are available to your employees and their families 24/7.

Acute Care

From routine health exams to cuts and bruises, our healthcare team is ready to get your staff back to full health.

Holistic and Wellness

The unique add-on services include wellness programs, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and BEYOND.

24/7 Telemedicine

Utilize our telemedicine services for professional care. No matter when or where we have you covered.

Occupational Health

From employee physicals to workplace injuries, our occupational health program keeps your company safe and efficient.


Today’s healthcare is taking a financial toll on employers and employees. Fortunately, the detrimental side effects and mounting costs of many diseases can be avoided. The answer is simple: early detection. By creating a preventative environment, Integrated Source One can help you save money while improving employee overall health! 

Why Integrated Source One

Employee Satisfaction

With convenient access to quality healthcare, employees know that they have the resources to stay healthy. 

Reduced Cost

Employers are able to retain high efficiency by keeping employees healthy with localized healthcare. 


By identifying possible health issues, we will put together a customized plan to prevent illness or injury.


Studies show that 75% of employers who implement on-site clinics reduce lost time from work and increase productivity. In addition to presenteeism, reports also show employers reduce medical costs or health benefit spending significantly. Let us help you save while improving employee wellness!

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